Transparency with AR

My project involved implementing a tool and an artifact, and the tools I used to create my artifacts were Canva and HP Reveal. After some helpful suggestion from classmates, I decided to take MLM advertisements and augment them. Originally, I was going to have the original advertisements next to my recreated transparent versions, but with augmented reality, it’s as if looking behind the curtain. In order to see my augmented advertisements, viewers need to have an HP Reveal account and also need to follow my account: jasmineeryn. After placing the phone over the trigger images, the advertisement should come to life with new information either specifically about products, reviews, or statistics on the MLM company.

Images from:

  1. Chrisa Hickey
  2. Elements Massage of Wilsonville
  3. Hank Hession
  4. Tara_St
  6. Tara_St
  7. Noel Giger in DFW, Jamberry Independent Consultant
  8. Noel Giger in DFW, Jamberry Independent Consultant


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